Frequently Asked Questions

If you are building a new structure, moving a structure or adding to the footprint of a structure you will likely need a Land Use permit. Projects like shingling, fences, windows and siding do not need a permit from Chippewa County.

A Land Use permit is issued by Chippewa County and directs the use of the land within its jurisdiction. A Building permit is used by municipalities and some counties to govern the construction materials and processes. Things like snow load and side wall design, concrete footing specs and the like. Chippewa County does not issue Building permits and only requires a property owner to secure a Land Use permit when they are building new or adding to the footprint of the structure.

Road setbacks are set in the ordinance based on the type of road and the Right of Way (ROW). In Chippewa County you need to be 75’ from the ROW for structures. Please call or see table in application for setback distances.

If you are unable to meet the setback required in the ordinance due to a circumstance that is beyond your control, you may apply for a variance to move closer. Variances are not designed for convenience of a site layout or because I want to be closer because of something I did. If you purchase a property with a building close to the road, realize that you may not be able to replace it at that location in the future. If you have questions, please call and ask.

Buildings that are not in compliance with the ordinance can remain at that location. However, if demolished or destroyed beyond 50% of value, the replacement must meet current rules. Uses are generally allowed to continue on a piece of property so long as they remain open. Once closed, uses must generally follow current rules.

No, fences are not permitted by Chippewa County. We recommend that all fences be placed inside your property lines so that you can maintain the fence without trespassing.

Property line/pin location is not done by Chippewa County. Property boundaries are a civil issue between landowners and should be handled accordingly. We always recommend surveys when appropriate but do not require them. Permits will be issued for the property identified by parcel number. Chippewa County will not referee line disputes.